TOMMASO CAPPELLATO @ Parco Archeologico di Velia

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DATA 27/08/21
ORA 19:45
LOCATION Parco Archeologico di Velia Ascea (SA)
OSPITI Tommaso Cappellato / Collettivo Fico

About the event

Within the framework of Parco Archeologico di Velia, the archaeological imaginary meets the contemporary aesthetics of the band Collettivo Immaginario: the live ensemble, created by the drummer and producer Tommaso Cappellato, explores new musical paradigms, in which ancestral and ritualistic sounds melts with the modern summary and avantgarde improvisation, hinting at beat tape culture. Sound of atypic structures, harmonic and rhythmic, in contrast to environmental and meditational moments, where the soul inhabits within versatility and multidirectional style. Alberto Lincetto (Fender Rhodes/Synth), Nicolò Masetto (electric bass) and Tommaso Cappellato (Drum and Percussion) are members of the band and that, in some occasions, knows how to enlarge their components thanks to the contribute of artist and special guests, always in order to reach poliedric experiences.

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The parking at the archaeological park of velia will be available for those arriving by car.

Tommaso Cappellato

Tommaso Cappellato is a producer, musician and composer: a non-conformist of the musical scene, capable of encompassing from techno to hip hop production and jazz improvisation. An authentic “new school” artist, eclectic, who moves within a wide range of musical genres. He is also a great solo musician, playing simultaneously drum, synth and sampler. From this experience he published the album Aforemention (2016) and he created the spiritual-avant garde ensemble named Astral Travel with whom has pubblished two albums, the most recent was in 2020.


FICO è un collettivo di operatori culturali che si occupa di diffondere i valori della musica nelle sue diverse declinazioni, culturali e sociali, nelle quali si esprime. I soci fondatori di Fico sono tutti accomunati dalla passione per la musica, nelle sue diverse declinazioni quali aggregazione, contaminazione in altri settori ed integrazione sociale. Tra i principi fondanti di Fico vi è necessità di condividere, attraverso la musica, un messaggio che rompe le barriere personali, culturali e sociali divenendo non solo contenuto a sé stante ma anche contenitore di altri valori. Fico promuove e divulga i principi di uguaglianza e di rispetto nei confronti dell’ambiente, degli individui e delle loro passioni (principalmente musicali).