BLOC FARM: Laboratory for impertinent ideas

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DATA 07/08/22
LOCATION Borgo di Celso
ORE 19:00

BLOC FARM: Laboratory for impertinent ideas

Conclusive roundtable of the BLOC FARM initiative as part of the call for proposals by “Fermenti in Comune” funded by ANCI and the Presidency of the Department of Youth Policy

About the event

During one year (from August 2021 to July 2022), BLOC’s team flanked 15 young people from Cilento on a path of rediscovery of the territory, empowerment and self-entrepreneurship. A training period to show renewed care for their territory, creating active networks and grafting long-term projects. BLOC FARM functions as a stimulus for the adoption of a new model of action, which finds in the local vulnerabilities the drive to imagine new futures made of active citizenship, inclusion and responsibility. The round table represents a moment of assessment and meeting between instructors and the young protagonists of the BLOC FARM journey.

With: Eros Lamaida (Mayor of Castelnuovo Cilento), Giudo Lavornia (Convento Meridiano), Liviano Mariella (Transluoghi), Aldam (street artist), and the participants to BLOC FARM

Moderator: Roberta Capozzucca (BLOC Project)

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