Forgotten archives, digital or not?

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DATA 05/08/22
LOCATION Libreria Feltrinelli - Molo di Acciaroli (Pioppi)
ORE 19:00

Forgotten archives, digital or not? Models of rediscovery and valorization of the music industry.

About the event

Within a global framework where the digitization of information keeps evolving and developing, new music finds its roots through the rediscovery of forgotten archives. The consistent trend of market growth of analog music media, such as tapes and vinyls, ties in with broader issues such as rediscovering music genres, stories, anecdotes and cultural languages submerged by digital accessibility. 


With: Giorgio Valletta (musical journalist and dj) e Napoli Segreta.

Moderator: Massimiliano Mautone (founder of BLOC Fest)