Sustainable fisheries and responsible consumption.

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DATA 06/08/22
LOCATION Castello dei Principi Capano (Pollica)
ORE 19:00

Sustainable fisheries and responsible consumption. A journey through overfishing, fishing techniques and product valorization.

About the event

According to FAO data, about 90% of the fish resource is exploited at its biological maximum; of this, about 34% is overexploited. Moreover, per capita fish consumption has doubled compared to fifty years ago. The marine ecosystem is constantly threatened by negative externalities owing to unsustainable management of the fish resource. 

Is it possible to practice sustainable fishing? We believe compliance with regulations, anti-waste solutions, the application of low-impact trapping methods and conscious consumption choices to be essential. It is necessary to promote more selective fishing techniques, to guarantee fair earnings for fishermen, and to valorize some centuries-old traditions that respect the regenerative capacity of the seas and give rise to products of excellence.

With: Paula Barbeito (Slow Food International, in charge of Slow Fish Campaign), 

Donatella Marino (Alici di Menaica s.r.l), Secondo Squizzato (Association Amici delle Alici).

Moderator: Daniela Cennamo (Slow Food Cilento)


OPENING WITH: Stefano Pisani (Mayor of Pollica) e Sara Roversi (founder of the Future Food Institute) presenting the results of the project “Trame Mediterranee – Blue Edition

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